Akashi Photos

Akashi Photos is the photo agency established by the professional photographers, Toru Morimoto and Tina Bagué. Akashi Photos only distributes the photographic work of the both photographers. Their work is specialized in Japan, although in their archive site you will find their photos from all over the world. All photographs are searchable on Akashi Photos’ stock photos site. Some of their works are permanently exhibited at Akashi Gallery in Barcelona. Their original prints and products are on sale both at Akashi Gallery and online shop. Akashi Photos also organizes photo tours to Japan with both photographers.

Archive Image Search

Stock Photos

Search stock pictures for your publication or professional use.

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Photo Tours to Japan

Discover Japan with Toru Morimoto & Tina Bagué, the authors of the photo book “Japan/日本”

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Original Prints & Photo Products

Akashi Photos offers original prints of Toru Morimoto and Tina Bagué and various photo products such as books, posters, wood panel photos, and postcards.

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Photo Gallery & Restaurant

Akashi Gallery – Barcelona

Enjoy the photo exhibition of Akashi Photos over delicious Japanese cuisine.

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