Japan Photo Tours

“Discover Japan with Toru Morimoto and Tina Bagué.”

AKASHI TRAVEL organizes trips to Japan not only for photo lovers but also for everyone who are interested in discovering photogenic scenes out of the beaten track in Japan. After The Japan Photo Project, photographing the entire country and driving more than 42.000km from north to south, Toru Morimoto and Tina Bagué have decided to share their knowledge and experience with you. They will take you to their favorite places of Japan, in the right place, at the right time. Those who enjoy photography will have plenty of photo opportunities, and those who have no need to capture the moment will experience breathtaking moments. Our tours are carefully planned for everyone to enjoy and share unique and unforgettable experiences.


Cherry blossoms in Kakunodate, Tohoku

Japan Photo Tours

Akashi Travel

Discover Japan with Toru Morimoto and Tina Bagué.


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“Landscape & Wildlife” Hokkaido Winter 2019

“Cherry Blossoms & Art” Kyoto, Shikoku, & Setouchi Islands Spring 2019

“Cherry Blossoms & Onsen” Tohoku Spring 2019

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